DIY Bulk Flowers

Designing Your Own Event Flowers

Creating your own arrangements from farm-fresh local flowers is a whole lot of fun, especially if you have a good friend or two to share the moment!

Below are a few pointers on how Markristo Farm can help:

If you have a good idea of the colors you like and a feeling for the mood you want to create, our Bulk flower option is perfect for you! Although you will not be able to request specific varieties, a Bulk order gives us the freedom to choose flowers in peak condition only, that compliment your theme perfectly. 

Our minimum for buying bulk event flowers is $125.00 (2 buckets), and additional buckets are $65 each (50-60 stems per bucket). A deposit of $100.00 is required to “hold your date”. If you only need enough flowers for a couple of bouquets, please see us at one of our farmers' markets to choose exactly what you want and/or schedule a pick up.

If you are happy with two or more of our 'farmers choice' buckets, let us know what style and colors you are hoping for . If your love roses and hate lilies, let us know that too! We will choose flowers that compliment your vision. Although Bulk orders are subject to availability and will be filled at our discretion depending on the season, (with attention paid first and foremost to quality!), ultimately, you will receive a fresh mix of beautiful flowers, in your color palette, to work with!

We are at the Great Barrington Farmers' Market and Copake-Hillsdale Farmers’ Market every Saturday morning during the growing season. If possible, visit one of our markets a year in advance of your chosen date to see what flowers are in season. If you don’t have a full year, check our availability list for a rough idea. You will find a list of available flowers by month, on our website, just remember availability is a guide, depending on the season, definitely not an exact science 🙂

Pick up for a Saturday/Sunday event is at our farm from Thursday afternoon through Friday, please let us know when to expect you. Delivery is available for a fee of $50/hour/vehicle ($50 minimum).

When you arrive, we will have extra flowers available in case you want to purchase more flowers then.

Important: You must bring meticulously clean buckets to transfer your flowers to at pick-up (bacteria from dirt clogs the stems and flowers wilt quickly!) We will provide clean water, with the flowers pre-conditioned. Buckets no taller than 14 inches high are essential.

Buckets may be rented from us for a $5/each flat fee, but must be returned before the following Saturday.

We are happy to meet with you for an hour ($50 consultation fee) to help you plan out your arrangements, offer ideas and calculate the number of stems you will need.

In trying to estimate for yourself, once you decide on containers, we suggest making a mockup arrangement, which will give you an accurate sense of how many stems you’ll need for each one.

When estimating totals, make sure you add 5 to 10% extra just in case of breakage or last minute additions - it’s easier to have a little too much than a little too few!

If you are still unsure about taking on all the floral details of your event, but don't have the budget to hire us to do everything, consider splitting up the responsibilities. We often do all the 'personal' flowers in a wedding, while the bride/ family takes on the reception flowers, etc... or vice versa, its completely up to you!:)

Thank You for your interest in our fresh, local, seasonal flowers, and we wish you much joy and success on your special event!