Organic Vegetables

When we first started farming in 1988 we cultivated the dream of creating a farm that could support the two of us (and our future family) without any need for off farm income. The fact that we chose to work the land organically/sustainably was simply a part of the values with which we were both raised, but we had our work cut out for us to become a viable operation. Luckily our market seemed ready made as we are located in the Berkshires, home to many fine restaurants, and we were well received in our first sales attempts. But to earn our living we needed to increase our production capabilities and quickly focused on mechanization – we wanted to be in control of the whole picture and not have to rely on hired labor while we ourselves were still learning the ropes. We tried to work smart, not just hard, so we purchased equipment that supported efficient systems of production for the #1 crops in demand, clearly (then and now), ‘greens!’ – big greens, baby greens – mesclun greens, braising greens, mustard greens, chard, spinach, kale, etc.; anything that’s likely to suffer the rigors of a long shipment. As a local grower we got everyone’s attention where freshness was concerned! So every year we mechanized where we could, from seeders to cultivators, from transplanters to a commercial greens washer, and before too long we were getting a lot done fast! …which of course left us with all this extra time to grow everything else, like multiple varieties of tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, beets, carrots, fennel, green beans (7 acres of them!....yes, we have a mechanical harvester) eggplants, turnips, winter squash, culinary herbs, etc., etc, everything we love to eat got planted on the farm

Now, 30 years later, we are amazed and grateful for the relationships and support we have come to know, providing food for our community.

Our produce is available to the public every Saturday, in season, through the GB and Copake/Hillsdale Farmers Markets, as well as a number of stores and CSA's via our wholesale accounts (please inquire). We will also be offering direct sales from our farm this season....stay tuned!

If you are a commercial account, interested in getting our produce on a regular basis, please head over to our Wholesale page for more info.

We are continually tweaking the lengthy list of what we grow, but generally it goes something like this:



Onions, Sweet

Beets, Purple and Golden

Onions, White

Beets, Chioggia

Peas, English Shelling

Bok Choy, baby and big

Peas, Sugarsnap

Braising Greens

Peppers, Colored


Peppers, Hot

Chard, Rainbow

Scallions, Purple

Chinese Cabbage

Scallions, White

Cucumbers, slicing and pickling


Eggplant, Jap. and Italian

Squash, Summer


Squash, Winter

Green Beans, and yellow


Kale, 3 kinds


Kohlrabi, Purple & White

Tomatoes, Cherry


Tomatoes, Heirloom

Lettuce (18 Varieties)

Tomatoes, Plum


Turnips, Baby White

Mustard Greens


Onions, Red



Basil, Lime

Oregano, Greek

Basil, Purple


Basil, Sweet

Parsley, Italian

Basil, Thai



Savory, Summer


Tarragon, French

Margoram, Sweet

Thyme, French

Peppermint, True

Thyme, Lemon